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Please note I have redesigned the photo interface. It takes a bit longer to load, but easier access to all the pictures.

I am going to try a new way to deliver photos to you (the paddlers).  This will be done in a CD format.  The CD will contain the following:

  1. A Specific Race* (See below)
    For example:  Crystal Pier, Pao Pao, etc. 

  2. A Specific Boat
    For example: 18, 101, etc.

  3. A Specific Race time
    For example: Novice (8:30), Women(10:00), etc.

  4. Cost:
    Shipping $3.00, can be more if pictures span more than 1 CD/DVD.
    Shipping outside of U.S. extra.

    Prices listed below and are per canoe/per race.  For Example: In Ironman, canoe 121 for a day could cost $21.00.

    Ironman races:  $7.00
    Sprints:  OC_6-->  $7.00    (includes finals and  trials)
                     OC_1-->  $5.00  (includes all OC_1 heats paddler was in)
    9-Man:  $10.00 per CD. 
    Catalina:  Non-SCORA clubs:
         $15.00 per CD for private use only.
         $35.00 per CD private use, and use on a website.
         $60.00 per CD private use, website use, and rights to use for marketing. 

    Winter:  OC_1, OC_2, PaddleBoard and SurfSki‚  --> $5.00



1.  For private/personal use only
2.  Not to be used by clubs for Marketing, Promotion and website, unless additional fee is paid.

What is Allowed:

1.  You can duplicate the CD and give to friends, relatives, other paddlers in the group, etc.  Again with the intent that it is for private/personal use only.
2.  You can make as many prints off the CD as you wish, again with the restriction for private/personal use only.

* Please Note:  Championships, Sprint Finals and Catalina are SCORA sponsored shoots.  These photos will be available to SCORA clubs and SCORA paddlers at no cost to them.  At these races, I will be concentrating on teams with uniforms.  Wearing your uniform will increase the number of photos of your team, and the potential to be published in various publications.